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Flash video to Disney MixMax

I'm a sucker for electronic kid gadgets, as long as they're on clearance. In our house we've got several Juice Boxes, a VideoNow PVD, and even a Disney MixMax video player. The MixMax hits the sweet spot in that it uses cheap SD memory and uses WMV as it's video format.

My kids love to watch WordGirl. Unfortunately, there's no DVD of these shorts. The friendly folks over at PBS Kids have (intentionally or otherwise) put all the Flash video clips online in a directory of their web server (

It took me a couple of days, but I can now share how I converted the files so they work on the MixMax.

My initial experiments centered on using ffmpeg on Linux to convert to a common format. It worked out okay on some of the videos, but not all of them. ffmpeg can encode in WMV/WMA, so then I tried that. Again, it worked for some videos but not all of them. As my Linux box also happens to be my Windows box, rebooting soon became tire…